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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spray Paint - What's not to Love?


Yes, you saw that correctly. Glitter that comes in a spray can. I love this stuff.

From Krylon, it comes in five colors. I have the gold but am just aching to try the "Magical Multicolor".

It's a sparkly glitter with small particle size (as you would expect to come out of a spray can) and works very well. My can has never clogged and the spray dries very quickly.

It does smell, much more so than most spray paints, so heed the instructions to use in a well ventilated area. The finish is a little rough due to the glitter particles so if you want a super smooth surface, it would require a sealer or varnish.

Of course, the best part of using this, or any other glitter, is the little bits of sparkle that cling to you the rest of the day.


Karin said...

Just don't use it on tiny styrofoam balls for a science project -- we did that several years back on a model of something and the styrofoam immediately disolved, leaving a gooey mess and a bunch of toothpicks in a heap!

Monette Satterfield said...

It must be a rite of crafting passage. I clearly remember my utter shock when I did that several years ago. It quickly became hilariously funny, but I hadn't spent a long time on it either.