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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Want a Kindle

No, I crave a Kindle, yearn even.

Now, I’m not an acquisitive person, especially where electronics are concerned. We have one television and it’s not even HD or a big screen. I don’t own an IPOD and most of the time my cell phone has turned itself off because the battery died.

So, why a Kindle? I’ve wanted one since the first version, Kindle 1, was unveiled, but I waited because I couldn’t justify the cost and unproven technology. Then came Kindle 2 and I waited again because it still seemed extravagant. But, the lure of so many books just a click away has wormed its way into my brain. Now, the Kindle DX is due soon.

The DX has a larger screen more suited to reading a newspaper. Think of it, reading the paper one handed without all that ink. No more flapping the pages around trying to find the continuation. Best of all, no more traipsing out in the front yard in your sleepy clothes to get it!

I’m not sure if I can hold out much longer.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Shiny Designs has a New Look ...

and a new outlook. There’s a fresh format and an updated take on things.

So, why? Apparently I’ve reached the point in my life, some would say the age, where I want to be more me as a whole and less of the separate parts that fit our notion of proper roles.

That means my blog will have to be more “me” as well. So, now there will be content from the many, and wide ranging, parts of my life: from my new business venture to articles and books I’m writing as well as artwork and the random curiosity treks I take occasionally. Most recent- investigating the decay chain of radioactive isotopes.

This may be messy and it may be silly at times, but I have high hopes it will be more interesting and it will be more authentic. Thanks for joining me; I appreciate the support and the company.