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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Want a Kindle

No, I crave a Kindle, yearn even.

Now, I’m not an acquisitive person, especially where electronics are concerned. We have one television and it’s not even HD or a big screen. I don’t own an IPOD and most of the time my cell phone has turned itself off because the battery died.

So, why a Kindle? I’ve wanted one since the first version, Kindle 1, was unveiled, but I waited because I couldn’t justify the cost and unproven technology. Then came Kindle 2 and I waited again because it still seemed extravagant. But, the lure of so many books just a click away has wormed its way into my brain. Now, the Kindle DX is due soon.

The DX has a larger screen more suited to reading a newspaper. Think of it, reading the paper one handed without all that ink. No more flapping the pages around trying to find the continuation. Best of all, no more traipsing out in the front yard in your sleepy clothes to get it!

I’m not sure if I can hold out much longer.


June said...

I got the Kindle for Christmas six weeks before Kindle2 came out. I use it I lot, but miss: 1) color illustrations!!! in art books 1B) the section of pictures in a biography 2) using an index to check on something I read earlier in the book, or identify something 3) looking at the notes or sources AS I AM READING 4) photocopying a quotable page 5) just riffling through the book, and peeking forward or backward 6) the actual feel of paper 7) being able to pass on the book to someone I think will like it after reading.
I should mention that I read more than half non-fiction; Kindle works better for fiction, unless you want to look for a remembered passage.
I am crabby about the costs, many books I want to read cost MORE than $9.99, which seems too high already. I would like about a $5 price point for most items. There are LOTS of free classics available--I have read some great stuff just because I'd always meant to.
I don't like it for the newspaper, yet; reading news online is a MUCH better and richer experience.
The technology is not unproven--it really works and it is REALLY impressive fun to get a book instantly while someone is still recommending it to you!
Don't hang back! Unless you need the money for food. . .

Monette Satterfield said...

Thanks for your comment, June! It's only a matter of time for me now to get one.

I did read a review of the DX saying that it isn't so much better than the Kindle 2, so I may just get that. I've heard rumors of COLOR and would absolutely have to have that.

Like you, I read mostly nonfiction (actually nearly 100%) and the illustrations are important to me.

Your comment about reading more classics now is interesting. I've suspected I would read more fiction in general if it were easier to get. Apparently, it's just too difficult for me to go to the bookstore or online :)

Thanks again for your support of my Kindle craving.

freebird said...

Now that was a review that would make me hold out for a better version which will surely be coming. I was just going to comment that if you are worried about the price of the kindle, then you might worry about the cost of books adding up with it. I haven't found the craft books I'd like offered yet.