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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drawings! Cardinals! In Colored Pencil!

OK, so that's a lot of excitement up there in the title. But, it's been such a long while since I posted and almost as long since drawing and painting that I got kind of wound up.

This is the first drawing after being away for while and I could sure tell in my rusty hands and eyes. It's sketched lightly on Champagne Mi Tientes and then the color is worked in with Prismacolor colored pencils. In trying to stick with limited colors, I chose Tuscan Red, Scarlet, Poppy Red, White and Black.

Overall, it's OK but I didn't like the texture of the paper - too mechanical. Nor am I happy with the stiffness and lack of life in the bird; perhaps it's a bit overworked.

So, I did another drawing exactly the same- sort of.

Here's Cardinal #2, same paper (except on the smooth side), same size (5x7), and the same colors. To me, it seems fresher even if there's less detail. This one was much easier to draw and complete; I could feel myself loosening up as it progressed.

Colored pencils are a big draw for me, but I'm still getting comfortable with how I want to use them in a less precise manner. I'm enjoying exploring these small drawings and am trying to do some everyday. I've got another couple to show very soon.

Thanks for looking and any thoughts and comments are always appreciated.


Ashley said...

Both are good,and I agree ,most say the more tooth the better,I feel pieses take on a better realistic feel than heavy tooth.

Alex said...

This is superb! The eyes are so beautiful, and the details are just great! :) wonderful job!

Monette Satterfield said...

Thanks Ashley for noting the impact of the paper texture on the finished drawing.

Alex, I appreciate your comment on the eyes - it's one of the areas I pay special attention to on the birds.

Thanks to both of you for your kind words!

freebird said...

I like the second version as it looks less like coloring in and more like light shining on the bird and also a nice style. The first just looks too much as if you colored it in (it still looks good - I'm just pointing out the difference I see). I think the first bird is between a sketch and a painting so it was either go with more color or less to be happy; you chose less and it seems to have worked.

Leigh said...

These are really nice. good to see you back. I agree about mientes paper. I don't care for it. Look forward to the next offerings!

Danette said...

Hmmm....I'm very partial to drawings that have a unfinished look.... don't know why. So I LOVE the second one...agree that the paper's texture on the first one is maybe a bit to much.

suzan Q said...

I liked it, specially the colors...and I like most of your posts I mean what I have seen

Monette Satterfield said...

Hey! freebird and Leigh, good to see you again! Coloring in, that's it. It's what I didn't like, but couldn't think of a better way to say it :)

Danette, I tend to gravitate to works that appear unfinished as well. Maybe it's the mystery!

susanQ, thanks for your thoughtful compliment and for coming by.