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Monday, January 12, 2009

Colored Pencil Drawing - Clay Face

This is a sketch of my clay face from the previous post. The paper is Canson Mi Tientes in some shade of buff with Prismacolor pencils in White and Sepia.

The color choices for the pencils and the personality around the eyes are pleasing. However, I'm less pleased with how the mouth and chin look. It's obvious from this drawing (and another that I'm not posting) that the anatomy of the model's mouth and chin are not correct.

Until now, I was confident (perhaps overconfident) that I had a good grasp of facial anatomy. Certainly, I can draw and paint the face and portraits with some aptitude, but that's just not the same as making a 3D model. This has really shown me where I could use some more information.

So, that started me on a study of facial anatomy. First, I'm making a study of the skull and then the muscles of the mouth and chin. Look for those soon!


Carolyn said...

Your drawing reminds me of Italian theater masks.

Perhaps Venice was on your mind as you created your clay face.

Ricardo Sérgio said...

This is so beautiful, strange and great all at the same time. Very very good.

Anonymous said...

That's really quite spooky emerging from the page like that, I like it!

Clay faces/heads are hard though - I've been there. We had a week long sitting with a model back at college to make a replica of her whole head, and it honestly took that long to get a good likeness, you're forever turning it around and realising that something you've just done to make this bit look right has made that bit look wrong again.

It's so different thinking in 3D when you're used to two isn't it?

Have you thought about doing a whole head? Maybe you could recruit a friend and take pictures from several angles.

I certainly fancy doing that now! :)

Sarah Ketelaars said...

lovely. quite spooky/sad looking, very atmospheric. i'm doing a life drawing class where we had to sculpt in clay from the model and then draw from the sculptures - i found it a really interesting process. great stuff.

Susan M. Walker said...

you must be learning so much! You are doing a great job. Keep it up and look forwawrd to hearing more.