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Monday, May 10, 2010

Painted Mini Garden Gnome

This little project was just for fun. My friend over at WhollyPiecemeal gave me this kit:

Notice you have to be over 3 years old and that it comes with three colors of paint and a plastic brush. Well, I'm over three so that's covered and the paint and the brush went straight to the trash.

I used 12 colors of acrylic craft paint plus mixtures and about 6 brushes to paint my little fellow (he's 3 inches tall) and this is how he turned out:

I like how he looks woodsy and his little (and I do mean little, as in small and difficult to paint) face has personality. Yes, there are tiny white highlights in his eyes!

What are you doing just for fun? Leave a comment and let me know.


freebird said...

Sometimes a girl just has to have fun! Cute gnome. Now I would have taken it one step further and put a layer of bt. umber + glaze over him and then wiped it off for an antiqued gnome! I must say he is 100% better than the package version how you did him. Is he going to grow a pot of 4-leaf clovers or mushrooms?

Monette Satterfield said...

You're too funny! Thanks for looking - the package was just so scary bad I had to show it too :)

I thought about the whole antique glaze thing but didn't feel "messy" enough at the time.

I was thinking of putting a little air plant in his basket. They drop from the trees in my yard so I'll just go foraging for one.

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