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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Watercolor Bunny Notecards

Finally! After quite a bit of searching and fussing, I've been able to make the bunny available as note cards. The first printing was disappointingly pale and that's not how I want my work to be seen. SO, after persevering with local printers, I was able to get them printed to my satisfaction.
They are available at my Etsy shop or directly from me. Special requests and your thoughts and comments are always welcome!


David R. Vallejo said...

I saw your post referenced on EDM.

Love the bunny and the rest of your watercolors. Very nice with the loose applications.

I'm putting your blog on my favorites so I can visit frequently.

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

I love the bunny cards! Beautiful.

Sandy said...

This is adorable, and make a perfect card!

Dona MinĂșcia said...

Saw your message in EDM.
Your watercolors are adorable!

Best wishes,


Margaret Ann said...

What a precious little bunny with a precious little "bum"...Sweet! :)

freebird said...

I'll get over to your Etsy shop unless you'd prefer dealing direct.

Ricardo SĂ©rgio said...

This is a masterpiece. It as a great classical quality to it. You've painted a rabbit but you did much more than that; it's like you managed to capture a moment, a brief instant. Really, really good.

Monette Satterfield said...

Awww, thanks you guys - you're making me blush. Seriously though, I truly appreciate your encouragment.

freebird said...

I got the cards! They are great and thank you for the two extras of your other offerings. Hey everyone, her cards are great and they make great gifts (which is what my set is going to be).

freebird said...

Monette, you can see my post on my general blog here.