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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Candy Sketch

Having been inspired by Leigh and her blog where I've been enjoying her daily catalog of Halloween candy and curiosities, I made a quick sketch of a treat that caught my eye.

It's a large lollipop that doubles as a mask! See the moon shaped eye holes above the weird candy eyes? I cannot imagine the mess this would make but it looked like a lot of fun.

I didn't actually buy it but just stood in the store and drew it. I added the color later to liven up the drawing but the actual pop was much more vivid even than this. The wording is directly from the packaging - Eat It! Wear It!

Well, I really enjoyed it and thought it was funny. Happy Halloween to all!


leigh said...

How fun!! I never saw this one in the Portland area. Great drawing!

Margaret Ann said...

Happy Halloween to you as well!

freebird said...

Oh my. Yes, I can imagine the mess this would make. Looking at the items Leigh found and now you, it's a wonder the kids don't end up warped and messy by the end of Halloween.